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TRANS CONTINENTAL is the best carrier on the market continental and transcontinental freight traffic. Today, our company has created wide network of freight hubs; thousands of miles of developed trails; has hundreds of employees and dozens of subcontractors’ companies. Our company comprehensively engaged in transportation, storage and cargo insurance.

Every day TRANS CONTINENTAL delivers thousands of tons of cargo. The company has such departments as the Departments of Logistics and Insurance, Department Store and Purchase, Marketing departments and auction brokers. All departments work 24/7. Warranty in the Ground, Sea, and Air.

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Truck shipping

Payments every week. The deposit is included in weekly payments.

  • The most common type of cargo transportation in Russia and abroad today is still motor transport. This type of delivery has its great flexibility, speed, mobility to the needs of customers and relative cheapness. And a wide selection of cars, ranging from small vans and ending with road trains makes it possible to choose the best transportation. By the combination of the above factors, this tariff proposal is balanced and optimal for most investors.
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Railway shipping

Daily payments. The deposit is paid at the end of the lot.

  • Today, rail transport remains one of the most popular for cargo transportation, especially when it comes to large shipments. This type of transportation has a huge share of the freight market both in Russia and CIS countries, and abroad. The delivery by railways combines the speed of air travel and the low cost of transporting goods by sea. Which of course makes this type of transportation optimal in terms of price and quality. High efficiency and scale of this type of movement of goods allows you to pay profits daily, and the deposit at the end of the lot.
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Air shipping

Daily payments. The deposit is included in daily payments.

  • This way of sending cargoes differs in weight of its pluses, but at the same time - this is the most expensive way of cargo transportation. Let's consider briefly all aspects of this type of cargo movement. The undoubted advantages, it's certainly the speed of delivery and the maximum distance. A ramified network of cargo terminals provides the ability to send cargo anywhere in the world. The processing speed of each trading lot allows you to pay daily not only profit, but also the deposit itself.
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Ocean shipping

Payments at the end of the lot. The deposit is paid at the end of the lot.

  • When the possibility of moving very large consignments of cargo on a regular basis is required, marine cargo services come to the rescue. The undoubted advantages of this type of transportation include its low cost. Well, to the biggest disadvantages, a fairly long delivery time. Huge consignments of cargo usually bring huge profits for logistics companies, but shipping takes more time. That's why you can get a bigger profit than in other tariff offers. The payment of the profit and the deposit itself is paid at the end of the lot.
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All investors’ funds are insured by individual guarantee funds of our company. The guarantee fund is usually one tenth of our total profit.

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