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About company


TRANS CONTINENTAL is the best carrier on the market continental freight traffic. Today, our company has created wide network of freight hubs; thousands of miles of developed trails; has hundreds of employees and dozens of subcontractors’ companies. Our company comprehensively engaged in transportation, storage and cargo insurance.

Every day TRANS CONTINENTAL delivers thousands of tons of cargo. The company has such departments as the Departments of Logistics and Insurance, Department Store and Purchase, Marketing departments and auction brokers. All departments work 24/7.

Warranty in the Ground, Sea, and Air.

Today, efficient logistics and transportation system are important prerequisites of the development of any economy. Each step is always carefully controlled.

TRANS CONTINENTAL is responsible for the quality of its work, and also expands its geography presence by opening new offices and entering into contracts with new clients. Moreover, the company is represented in all the major auctions all over the world and always wins tenders for the transportation of cargo by offering the most favorable conditions of transportation.

Now TRANS CONTINENTAL took another big step towards its further development and strengthening. The Company moved into the investment market to significantly enhanced its development. TRANS CONTINENTAL has developed a special platform where anyone can become an investor.

You invest in our company, and we bring you daily income! Our financial experts have developed the perfect proposal with different returns. Specially for you, we have created a convenient and functional personal account where you can monitor all financial transactions.

We build a solid foundation for our future and make good profit today, working on a mutually beneficial basis!

TRANS CONTINENTAL – your confidence in the future!

Types of our transportation



You can make profit every day with our investment proposals!


Your deposits are insured by our Special Trust Fund. Your deposits are safe.


Our specialists are working around the clock to help you. Send us your questions and we will promptly answer you!


Wherever you are in the world, you can Invest in our company.

Official documents of TRANS CONTINENTAL

Putting honesty, transparency and openness of the Company at the forefront, we put in open access all the basic legal documents that testify to the legitimate activities of TRANS CONTINENTAL.

On this page you can not only read the documents and download them for detailed information, but also check the company TRANS CONTINENTAL for the legitimacy of its activities through the site of the state registration company of Great Britain.

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