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Bonus program

Description of the bonus program

We have created our best bonus program that helps our investors to reach their financial goals. TRANS CONTINENTAL Bonus Program has four levels of participation. A majority of our bonus program is based on attracting more loyal audience for the development of our business.

In accordance with the terms and conditions of the bonus program, the Company saves money on Internet advertising, and investors get bonuses from all deposits of the participant you invited.

The program is divided into four levels: Investor, Partner, Agent and VIP. Each stage is more profitable than previous. Also, each stage can be available upon achieving certain conditions. If you want to get a high referral fees and increased referral levels you will follow these conditions. Thus, you get Investor status on the third level and get VIP status on the sixth level. More information about achievement stages, see below.

Affiliate program for participants 8%-2%-1%
status: INVESTOR
Bonus: 30$
Affiliate program: 10%-3%-1%
Conditions: Personal deposit of 100$ 5 active referrals with deposit of $100
status: Agent
Bonus: 500$
Affiliate program: 11%-4%-2%-1%
Conditions: Personal deposit of 500$ 5 active referrals with deposit of $500 +5 partners with Investor status
status: Partner
Bonus: 1000 $
Affiliate program: 12%-5%-3%-2%-1%
Conditions: Personal deposit of 1000$ 10 active referrals with deposit of $1,000 +5 partners with Agent status
status: VIP
Bonus: 3000$
Affiliate program: 13%-6%-4%-3%-2%-1%
Conditions: Personal deposit of 5000$ 10 active referrals with deposit of $5,000 +5 partners with Partner status
Manual bonus program