• 17.07.2019 18:02
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New payment order algorithm

Dear Partners! 
From today, the order of payments from the balance of your personal account to your e-wallets is temporarily changed. 
Now the conclusion can be issued on Mondays from 10.00 to 22.00 MSK. Further, the output is regulated by the current scheme: the output to all PS (except cards and Yandex Money) is 3 working days, not including Monday. Withdrawal to cards and Yandex Money takes 5 working days, not including Monday. 
This measure is temporary and is related to the increased load on the payment aggregator and our payment agents. And in order to make all payments in time and arrange payments, we introduce this measure. On the return to the previous regulations, we will report a separate news. 
Thank you in advance for your understanding, 
your TRANS Continental team.

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